10 Days Kenya Safari and Zanzibar Beach Tour

Tour Overview

The two reasons to visit East Africa must surely be the adventure of safari and the stunning beauty of the coastline. In this safari you get a healthy dose of both experiences; exploring the savannas and lakes of Kenya, followed by time to rest and relax on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar in Tanzania.

The plains of Kenya offer myriad opportunities to find and photograph some of the most iconic animals of Africa, including the big five of African safari:

  • Buffalo
  • Elephants
  • Lions
  • Rhinos
  • Leopards

All of which make their homes in the parks you will tour across. Once you’ve explored some of the most famous national parks Kenya has to offer, Zanzibar awaits. Impossible blue waters lap against perfect white sand beaches, offering days filled with adventure or packed with nothing but cocktails and spa treatments.

Whilst on safari, you are accompanied by a professional Kenyan safari guide. Your safari vehicle, dedicated solely to your tour, is equipped with a radio meaning that your guide will be able to learn where animals are within the parks you visit, making your chances of successful sightings much more possible. To save on travelling time, we can also arrange domestic flights between parks at an additional cost.

Places to Visit

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Nairobi – Masai Mara Game Reserve

As is the routine with safari, you will start early with a pick-up from your hotel, residence, or the airport by your dedicated driver and guide and immediately embark on your adventure. Your first destination is the Masai Mara, heading southwards. During the drive you will be moving through the heart of the Great African Rift Valley, a place of raw and rugged beauty where you can stop for opportune photographs – your guide will know all the best spots.

Before arriving at the Masai Mara, you’ll stop in a local town to have your first taste of Kenyan food on safari. The town will be a typical Kenyan place and will afford you chance to learn about urban life, in contrast to the rural and coastal areas you’re going to spend most of your time. Appetite sated, it’s off into the park with a game drive to take you to your chosen accommodation.

Once your bags are down, you’ll get a full game drive, seeing you through to sunset when the sky will light up in near-impossible shades of oranges, pinks, and purples. This action-packed first day on safari in Kenya is concluded with dinner at your camp or lodge and time to rest and relax, readying yourself for the next day

Main Destination: Masai Mara Game Reserve
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 2: Full day in Masai Mara Game Reserve

If you want to add some extravagance into your Kenyan safari experience, opt to take a fresh perspective on the Masai Mara. A hot air balloon ride at dawn is a delightful way to watch the morning break over the savanna. The sunlight will drench the grasses, waking the animals from their slumber; you can watch the action unfold from your unique vantage point high in the sky. Breakfast adds to the luxurious morning, with a bubbly bush breakfast served on a platform high above the plains. As an optional activity, there’s an additional cost of $425 per person.

Whether you spend your morning floating above or driving through the dust-red lands of the Masai Mara, the rest of your day is spent dedicated to spotting the animals of the plains, including the three most famous big cats of Africa

That stalk the plains, hunting for their prey. Your whole day is spent out in the reserve, including having lunch as a picnic next to the Mara river, where you may spot crocodiles and hippos. You can track the changing mood of the day, from the playfulness and purpose of the morning to long afternoons spent lounging in the heat.

As the sun sets on another day, you will finally return to the camp or lodge you have chosen and have dinner before taking time to relax and reflect on a beautiful day traversing the Masai Mara.

Main Destination: Masai Mara National Reserve
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 3: Masai Mara – Lake Nakuru National Park

Dawn is an important time out on the plains; a time when the air is cool and a lot of animals are moving around the Masai Mara to graze or find good stalking spots. You have an early game drive to be able witness the dawn chorus over the lands and take one more chance to spot more wildlife roaming through the savanna of the Masai Mara. Once the day has begun, it’s back to your selected accommodation for breakfast and to head out to the next stop – Lake Nakuru.

This part of Africa sits on a major fault line in the Earth’s crust, making it prone to volcanoes and depressions. You’re safe from eruptions on your tour, but can still marvel at the epic landscape this fissure in the Earth creates as you pass through the Great African Rift Valley. Lake Nakuru is one of the largest lakes in this valley, with alkaline water and an abundance of algae that feed the hundreds of thousands of bright pink flamingos that call this water home.

Which are just part of the 400-strong roster of avian species that nest or feed here. All of these birds you will have chance to discover once you reach your accommodation, have lunch, and take a moment to relax.

The afternoon game drive will give you ample time to explore the lake and the birds, as well as the mammals that make their life there. Once finished, it’s back to your camp or lodge for dinner and time to reflect on the things you’ve experienced so far.

Main Destination: Lake Nakuru National Park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 4: Lake Nakuru – Amboseli National Park

By now, you’ll be used to the early starts that come with safari adventures, and this day will follow your new routine. The early morning is the perfect time to spot rare animals like the rhinos who live in a specially protected area of the park, which you will be able to visit and catch sight of them as they graze the dew-drenched grasses. Birds out fishing and herds of zebra eating should also be on show on this dawn game drive.

After breakfast back at your accommodation you’ll begin to make your way south and east towards the Tanzanian border, where you’ll find Amboseli National Park. During the drive, you’ll pass by the rolling landscape of Kenya, crossing numerous states as the villages and farmlands rush past the window of your vehicle. Your guide will stop you for lunch during the drive, offering another opportunity to interact with parts of the country that aren’t protect parks.

Arriving in Amboseli in the late afternoon, you’ll likely first notice the breath-taking views of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world. The cloud covered peak will loom large over your time in this park, it’ll be your companion on your game drive to your accommodation now, and for the rest of visit to Amboseli. Once at your camp or lodge, it’s time for dinner and an opportunity to unwind after the long travels of the day.

Main Destination: Amboseli National Park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 5: Full Day exploring Amboseli National Park

After your brief introduction to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, on the previous day, this morning is chance to get better acquainted. An early morning game drive should reveal the peak in all its snow-capped glory, before the clouds roll in for the day. As the sun ascends over the horizon, watch the shades change on both the mountain and the landscape, whilst the wildlife awakens around you. After this magical experience out on the savanna, you’ll return to your camp or lodge for breakfast. Your day is scheduled to be spent criss-crossing the plains in search of the multitude animals that live here

And plenty more that you’ll discover during the day. Your expert Kenyan safari guide will be able to help identify the different species that you see, as well assist you in understanding the plant and bird species that you’re going to encounter in Amboseli. On this day, you can choose to pay a visit to a village of the Masai people, a tribe that has lived on these lands for thousands of years. You will be greeted with a traditional song and dance and then offered a tour of their village as well as visit to one of the homes. For this unforgettable experience you will need to pay an additional $20 per person.

With such a packed day, full of discovery and wonder, you’ll be ready for some down time as the sunlight begins to fade. Dinner is served at your accommodation and you can take advantage of any extra facilities, such as spa treatments, that may be on offer.

Main Destination: Amboseli National Park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 6: Amboseli National Park – Nairobi by Road, to Zanzibar by Plane

This is your last morning on safari, your last chance to spot the great animals of the savanna, your last glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro. Take this time to breathe in the wonder of the plains and take all the photographs you can of the brilliant animals that roam over these lands. Once you’ve said your farewells, you will have breakfast back at your chosen camp or lodge, and then start the drive back to Nairobi.

Once more through the countryside, farms, hamlets, villages, and towns with the people all passing their days as you drive through this beautiful land. Your first destination is Nairobi, specifically Joma Kenyatta Airport, where you’ll take a flight to the wonderous island of Zanzibar, across the border in Tanzania.

Upon arrival on the island, you will be collected by a driver organised by your hotel or resort that will be located on the east coast. The centre of the island is forested, a striking difference to the white, sandy beaches you will end up at. Your hotel or resort will be at the beachside of your choosing; we can offer advice about which area will be suitable for your group. You will have dinner at your accommodation, with the cool sea breeze offering a refreshing contrast to the warm and dry air of the plains.

Main Destination: Zanzibar
Meal: Breakfast & Lunch
Day 7: Full Day in Zanzibar

Following six days of early starts to pack in your safari itinerary, this morning you can choose what time to set your alarm. Whether you opt for a long, lazy morning in bed or an early start to be able to take full advantage of your surroundings, just be sure to arrive in the dining room of your hotel or resort in time for breakfast.

The beaches of Zanzibar are lined with soft, white, powder sand, giving you that perfectly delightful feeling underfoot. The gentle waves that roll back and forth come from the crystal-clear water of the Indian Ocean. The beach is lined with coconut trees and gentle forest, making the whole scene perfectly idyllic. You can choose to while away your days on a sun lounger with a good book or be more active in your choice of activities.

With all the time in the world and a gorgeous place to spend it in, you could easily forget your meal times. Remember that your lunch and dinner are included in your package and served at your hotel or resort; make sure that you check with them the times and locations of your meals so you can enjoy delicious Tanzanian food in such a quaint setting.

Main Destination: Zanzibar Island
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 8: Full Day in Zanzibar

Waking up to the fresh breeze rolling in off the Indian Ocean is a reminder of how far away from the Masai Mara and Amboseli you truly are. Lazing away your days by the pool or beach, drinking fresh coconuts or cocktails, is a perfect pastime for this part of your African adventure.

If you prefer your beach time to be more active, there are a range of activities available on Zanzibar, such as:

Scuba diving

All of which, and more, can be arranged and paid for locally, through your hotel or resort. There are many ways to explore the nature under the ocean, or just to get your heart racing on the surface. To round off your day finding novel ways to experience Zanzibar, you can take a sunset cruise on a local style boat called a dhow and watch the sun fall off the coast of Stone Town. With such clear skies, the sunset promises to be very special and there’s just a small fee of $60 per person.

Days filled with action need sustenance, and you can discuss your options for lunch with your hotel or resort if you’re away of a trip. Be sure to be back in time for dinner service so you can experience the gourmet food that’s on offer.

Main Destination: Zanzibar Island
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 9: Full Day in Zanzibar

After so many sunrises whilst exploring the plains of Kenya, you can find a wonderful contrast in the breaking of day on Zanzibar. Watch from the beach as the sun comes up over the calm water, with a frame of coconut trees if you’re lucky. There will still be plenty of birds to sing your day awake and plenty of beautiful photos to take. Sunrise cruises can be arranged locally or you can choose to stroll down the beach on your own; speak with your hotel to get the inside track on the best locations.

After a beautiful morning, take breakfast at your accommodation, and consider taking a Spice Tour of Zanzibar. The island has been at the heart of international trading routes for hundreds of years and has taken influences from all over the eastern world. You can visit plantations for herbs and spices such as:

Black pepper

Plus fruits such as jackfruit and oranges. Learn about the cultivation process and take the chance to taste some of the local produce. As an additional activity there’s a cost of $45 per person.

Your itinerary for your time on Zanzibar is completely up to you, but we are always on hand to be able to offer expert advice about activities that you’re seeking to do to make the most of your time here.

Main Destination: Zanzibar Island
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 10: Zanzibar Island – Nairobi by Plane

With one final morning on the island, take chance to get your last early morning photos of beach, ocean, and jungle around you before breakfast. After a final farewell to your corner of paradise, your hotel or resort will arrange your transfer to the airport. From here you can catch you flight back to Nairobi, or if you’d prefer to take your adventure in a different direction you can organise a different end destination which could incur additional costs.

Main Destination: Nairobi
Meal: Breakfast & Lunch

Itinerary Map


  • All transfers
  • All accommodation during the tour
  • All meals and drinking water during the tour
  • Flying Doctors medical, emergency and rescue cover
  • All game drives as noted in the itinerary
  • Transport in a private 4 x 4 Safari Land Cruiser
  • English-speaking tour guide/driver
  • All applicable government taxes, levies and park entrance fees
  • Personalized private service


  • International flights and taxes
  • Passports and visa applications and processing
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips and gratuities for drivers/guides
  • Personal laundry
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Entrance fee for activities noted as optional

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Joseph H
Joseph H
Unbelievable 3 Day Safari My wife and I recently completed a 3 day Safari with Tanzania Joy Tours and it far exceeded our expectations. From the first contact they were very quick to respond and handled some last minute changes we requested with no problem. The most wonderful part of the safari was our guide Elly. Elly is a very experienced, professional and highly personable guide. He was very knowledgeable about the plant and animal life as well as the local culture. He was especially good at spotting animals and knowing where to find hard to see animals before the other guides. Do not underestimate the importance of having a good guide on safari. Elly was wonderful in every way and we highly recommend Tanzania Joy Tours. Make sure to request Elly as your guide
キリマンジャロ登山+サファリ! 7日間マチャメルートに3日間のサファリを追加したツアーにカスタムしてくれるなど要望に柔軟に対応してもらいました。 ・キリマンジャロ登山 ガイドのRingoはとても経験豊富で頼もしい方でした。私が高山病で苦しんでいるときに何度も助けてくれました。 彼がいなかったら私は頂上までたどり着けなかったでしょう。とても感謝しています。 他のポーターの方々もよい人たちばかりでとても楽しい登山でした。 ・サファリ 3日間のサファリでは、私たちが見たかった豹を見られるようにセレンゲティ国立公園内を周ってもらい見ることができました。 サファリ中に写真撮影のために細かい車の移動にも対応してもらえたおかげでよい写真が取れました。 キャンプサイトではロッジ泊ではなくテント泊にしましたが、ハイエナの鳴き声がする中で寝るのはとてもスリルがありました。 ・食事 登山中とサファリ中の食事は、わりと日本人の口に合う味付けでした。 高山病で食欲がないとき食欲が出るように酸味のある食事を提供してくれてうれしかったです。 とても良い旅でした。また機会があれば彼らと一緒に登山やサファリをしたいです。
What an amazing experience! What an amazing experience with Tanzania Joy Tours! Before the travel, we actually compared more than 10 companies for Mt. Kilimanjaro and safari tours, and end up choosing Joy due to its responsiveness, efforts to meet various requests and affordability. We are very glad we chose them and all experiences were beyond our expectations. In the mountain, the chief tour guide Ringo and his crew members were not only professional but also very reliable and kind, providing us all supports they could (including delicious meals) so that we could reach to the summit in the end. During safari, thanks to the guide Praygod's expertise, we were able to see all Big 5 and many other animals in limited time and enjoyed awesome safari camping with tasty foods. Due to our flight schedule, we could not go for a default tour, but the company was flexible enough to adjust the tour itinerary to our schedule and provide all transfers to/from airports in time (The driver Calvin provided an airport transfer even at 1am midnight). All of the splendid tour arrangements were done by Iris, who was such a nice and trustworthy person from the beginning. The experience by Tanzania Joy was one of the best we've had and we would definitely like to go with them again when we visit Tanzania next time!
Nassim El Hormi
Nassim El Hormi
Le combo parfait : Ascension Kilimanjaro + Safari Ascension du Kilimanjaro via la route Machame en 6 jours avec des paysages à coupé le souffle tout le long... À la fin la cerise sur le gateau 3 jours de Safari dans le parc Serengeti et Ngorongoro, un rêve éveillé quand on a grandit avec le Roi Lion !
Frauke S
Frauke S
Amazing Experience with Tanzania Joy We booked a private 8 days Lemosho route and safari with Tanzania Joy. We had so many questions in advance which Emmanuel has always answered very quickly. We are very happy that we chose Joy. We were overwhelmed by what good food we received on the mountain. Our guide Kelvin with his team were fabulous hosts Especially in the Summit night we felt very comfortable that 3 Joy employees are with us on the summit and motivated us again and again During our trip we had some new requests to Emmanuel. He was always very friendly. It was important to him that we have a good time in Tanzania. We were especially pleased that the Joy team celebrated birthday with our “birthday boy” Our safari was also super. Elli, our driver has a very broad knowledge. We would choose Joy again anytime.
William G
William G
Un sans faute pour le combo Kili par le Northern circuit en 7 jours suivi de 4 jours de safari Ascension du Kilimandjaro par le "Northern circuit" en 7 jours. Fantastique expérience qui s'est déroulée à merveille grâce à la bienveillance et gentillesse des guides et porteurs. Une équipe jeune, dynamique et attentionnée qui a su tous nous emmener au sommet en sécurité. Merci à Kelvin et à son équipe. PS: Kelvin a déjà fait l'aller-retour Mweka gate-sommet-Mweka gate en 11h seulement, vous pouvez lui faire confiance :) Nous avons ensuite fait un magnifique Safari sur 4 jours guidés par Praygod, un guide réellement passionné et très instructif. Un sans faute du début à la fin.
DREAM TEAM Amazing experience! The guides are super nice and welcoming and the porters have so much energy, they are incredible. The food is really good as well, honestly you have a portion for two person in my opinion, so you’re never hungry. They also really follow your paces, i have a friend who took twice the time and they never let her feel like she was too slow. They really are there for you and respond to anything you need. HAKUNA MATATA
Roel S
Roel S
Machame 7 days - Ringo ⭐️ We had a great experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We booked the 7 day Machame route with Tanzania Joy Tours and were informed very well by Emmanuel! When we arrived at the airport we got picked up by the driver and drove to the hotel where we got all the information needed! We got to meet our guide Ringo who was very helpful. The hotel was very good. The next day we got picked up at the hotel by the whole team and went to the gate for the start of the climb. The food during the climb was very good (and surely enough!). Our guide Ringo and his assistent Herman were very helpful and friendly. Especially the climb to the summit they where very helpful and thanks to them we managed to reach the summit! Thanks Tanzania Joy Tours, Ringo and the team for the wonderful experience
Gijs R
Gijs R
Amazing trip The trip was amazing. Our main guide was Patrick, who was very helpful the entire trip, especially during the summit push. He knew what to do and say to keep us pushing and going and at 06:24 we summited, exactly at sunrise. This is no coincidence as Patrick knew what pace to maintain in order to see the beautiful sunrise at the summit. Also I must say that the food was very good and the cook knew what to make in order to keep is strong. All in all I sincerely recommend Tanzania Joy Tours!
Wonderful lemosho route experience What a great experience!! We booked the 7 day lemosho route with tanzania joy tours and were informed very well by Emmanuel! When we arrived at the airport we got picked up by the driver and drove to the office were we got all the information needed! We got to meet our guide Patric who was very helpful and answered all our questions. The next day we went to the rent shop to get the gear we were missing and got a wonderful lunch at a local place on the way to the lemosho gate. The climb was amazing, the food was delicious and plenty and the guides were very helpful and motivating! I felt very confident with Patric and the rest of the dream team 😄 The summit was though but with all the good food and the preparation we managed to get to Uhuru peak!! Thanks Tanzania Joy Tours, Patric and the dream team for the wonderful experience

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