13 Days Big African Wildlife Safari Adventure

Tour Overview

Ready yourself for a full immersion into the wilds of Eastern Africa with this tour that takes in the best of Kenyan and Tanzanian safari adventures. As you cross two of the jewels of Africa you will see the big five that you’ve been dreaming of:

  • Lions
  • Rhinos
  • Elephants
  • Leopards
  • Buffalo

Along with myriad other mammals and birds that call the grasses of Africa home.

With an extensive itinerary crossing Kenya and Tanzania, you will be shown habitats ranging from forest to grasslands, volcanoes to lakes, and a mass of ecosystems. You cover a lot of kilometres and with each landscape comes new animals for your expert guides to track and identify with you.

Your tour is private and only you and your party will be in the vehicle; your guide will give you a dedicated and personalised service. We have a range of accommodation options to suit, from budget, to standard and luxury choices, and offer you flexibility in terms of extra days spent in parks and domestic flights between some parks, which will come at an extra cost.

Places to Visit

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Nairobi to Lake Nakuru National Park

Your day begins with a pick up from the airport or your accommodation in Nairobi, from where you will immediately head out on the highway through the Great African Rift Valley. Mt. Longonot provides the background to the homesteads and villages that dot the way through this ancient and dynamic landscape.

The destination is Lake Nakuru, where you will begin your Kenyan safari. A location for the ornithologists, Lake Nakuru presents you with every shade of pink you imagine as flocks of flamingos feed, display, and dance over the water. More than 400 species of bird feed here throughout the year, as well as plentiful other animals for you to gaze upon in wonder.

Your evening will be spent in your lodge or tented camp, within the national park, where the evening’s dinner will be served.

Main Destination: Lake Nakuru National Park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 2: Lake Nakuru National Park to Lake Naivasha

The day begins early, with breakfast served before departing for Lake Naivasha. Your route through the park affords you a game drive on the way, giving you chance to witness the morning’s routine of animals such as the Rothchild giraffe, waterbuck, zebra, and baboon.

Your arrival at Lake Naivasha coincides with lunch, which will be served at your accommodation, either a lodge or tented camp. The time after is yours, with the chance to take an optional extra boat ride across the Lake.

As evening rolls across the waters and plains, you are invited to take a walk around the lake and see the transition from dusk to evening across the park. Dinner is served at your accommodation, ready for a day of wonder ahead.

Main Destination: Lake Naivasha
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 3: Lake Naivasha to Masai Mara National Reserve

Breakfast comes before you head out on bicycles through Hells Gate Park, where you can also take a walk through the gorges. The area is world-renowned for its interesting geology, with star rock towers, natural geysers, and geothermal steam rising straight through the land.

Following your exploration of this stunning scenery, your African safari will progress to Masai Mara National Reserve. Lunch will be served, and you’ll head straight out on a game drive through this spectacular park.

The Masai Mara is a stunning landscape; a place where millions of animals graze and hunt and live out their lives. Along with the big five of African safari prepare yourself to see


And many more wildlife in their natural habitat.

Your evening meal will be served at your accommodation, a tented camp or lodge.

Main Destination: Masai Mara National Reserve
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 4: Full Day in Masai Mara National Reserve

After a hearty breakfast, your will head out with your expert African safari guide for a full day enjoying the splendours this park has to offer. You will see the full day unfold in the Masai Mara, from early morning activity, to midday lazing, and afternoon feeding.

The plains spread forth to the horizon, dotted with acacia trees that offer shade and rest for the cheetahs and leopards you’re here to see. To ensure maximum viewing time, your lunch will be served picnic style, affording you chance to spend as much time as possible surrounded by the dream-like landscape.

An afternoon tracking and watching the wildlife as they pass their day will culminate in dinner served at your accommodation.

Main Destination: Masai Mara National Reserve
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 5: Full Day in Masai Mara National Reserve

Your extensive African safari continues with a second day exploring the savanna of the Masai Mara. Breakfast once again sees you on your way into the park to delve deeper into parts yet unexplored on your safari.

With elephants roaming, buffalo migrating, and lions hunting throughout the park, along with many more animals besides, you are highly likely to see the animals you’ve dreamed of. To keep you immersed in the experience of your Kenyan safari, lunch will once again come in the form of a picnic within the bounds of the park.

An afternoon game drive will give more time for photography, inspiration, and joy. You will have plenty of chance to find animals and watch their natural behaviour in a landscape they’ve become experts in.

Main Destination: Masai Mara National Reserve
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 6: Maasai Mara National Reserve to Serengeti National Park

Awake before the sun comes up and head out to listen to dawn break over the grasslands of the Masai Mara. The change from night to day is a beauty to behold, as nocturnal animals return to slumber and the animals of the day start out on the day’s adventures.

You’ll return to your lodge for breakfast, and depart through the park which gives you one last game drive on this leg of your Kenyan safari. The next stop is the Isebania border post, where you’ll take lunch before embarking on your safari in Tanzania.

First stop in Tanzania is the Serengeti National Reserve, which you will enter through the Ikoma gate. Once inside the park, you will immediately be able to start spotting the mammals and birds that live here. The game drive will end at your accommodation, where you will take dinner before spending your first night on Tanzanian safari.

Main Destination: Serengeti National Park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 7: Full Day in Serengeti National park

Just the word Serengeti evokes images of endless grasslands, abundant animals, and luscious landscape ripe for exploration. After breakfast at your camp, you’ll head off on your journey of discovery through these stunning plains, exquisitely filled with the wildlife you’d expect from such a place.

If you’re lucky to arrive in the Serengeti between April and October, you will be able to see the largest animal migration on the planet – the movement of the wildebeest and zebra of the Serengeti. Even if your African safari doesn’t coincide with the event, you will still see massive herds of herbivores and packs of their hunters as you make your way through the park.

Lunch comes picnic style, so you can stay in the park without backtracking to camp. As the day cools, animals become more active again and your expert Tanzania safari guide will assist the tracking, spotting, and identification of the animals you’re going to find. Evening ends with dinner at your camp or lodge.

Main Destination: Serengeti National Park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 8: Full Day in Serengeti National park

The second full ranging through the Serengeti can have some flexibility. You can choose a schedule that matches the previous day, or ask your guide to take you on a morning game drive, take a rest and have some time to relax in the afternoon, then embark upon an evening-time safari through the park.

An evening safari will give you a different perspective on the Serengeti. After dark there is a different level of activity; the temperature cools, prey become more vulnerable. Your chance to see different animals increases, and you will see a new side to the plains of the Serengeti if you choose this configuration to your day.

Your meals will be served according to your plan for the day, and will be provided from your camp.

Main Destination: Serengeti National park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 9: Serengeti National Park – Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Your morning starts inside the Serengeti and you have the chance to make an optional visit to a Masai village. Here, you will be greeted with a traditional song and dance, and be taken on a tour of the village and get to see inside a traditional home. The Masai people are famed for the relationship with the land and animals of the plains of East Africa. This visit has an additional cost of $20 per person.

To continue your understanding of how humans formed their relationship with Earth, you are invited to take an optional trip to Olduvai Gorge: the cradle of humanity. As you leave the Serengeti to head to the Ngorongoro Crater, you pass this most important of sites to humanity.

In the gorge is the first evidence of modern human with tool making artefacts having been found. You have the chance to visit the archaeological site of Drs. Leakey to get an in-depth understanding of the significance of the site. This visit costs an additional $45 per person.

Your day will finish inside the extinct volcanic crater of Ngorongoro, where dinner will be served at your camp or lodge.

Main Destination: Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 10: Ngorongoro Crater – Lake Manyara National park

Leaving your accommodation after your breakfast, you will have a morning game drive through the crater lands again, with the early morning sun spilling over the edges and illuminating the beautiful plains. Your lunch is picnic style so that you can continue straight on to Lake Manyara.

Although relatively small, this national park has some marvellous animals, such as tree climbing lions and a large troop of baboons for you to try and spot as you take your afternoon game drive through the grasses. A highlight of the nature of the lake are the more than 350 bird species here. Among them are two types of flamingo that light up the lake bight pink.

Your evening will be spent at your chosen camp or lodge within the national park so that you can remain as close to the animals and nature as possible.

Main Destination: Ngorongoro Crater
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 11: Lake Manyara National Park to Amboseli National Park

Following breakfast, you’ll head to Arusha National Park. Here, you can see more than 500 species of birds feeding, including


Along with many more stunning avian specimens.

From Arusha you’ll make your way to the Namanga border crossing and be handed over to our Kenyan safari guide who will complete this leg of your trip with you. The next stop is Amboseli, where you will begin to see the outline of the awe-inspiring Mount Kilimanjaro appear as your get close.

Heading to your accommodation, you will have the chance of a brief introduction to the wildlife of Amboseli. Your evening meal will be served at your accommodation before you bed down to ready for the following day’s exploration.

Main Destination: Lake Manyara National Park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 12: Full Day in Amboseli National Park

Breakfast is served to get you ready for your day exploring Amboseli National Park. The plains and grasslands are dominated by the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

The big five of African safari are here and ready for you to photograph, marvel at, and enjoy as you make your way through the park, expertly led by our Kenyan safari guide. An optional extra on this day is offered in the form of a visit to a Masai village. The Masai as known for their relationship with the land and animals of the savanna and will greet you with a traditional song and dance as well as show you their village and homes. This trip has an extra cost of $20 per person.

Lunch will be served in the park as a picnic so as you ensure as much time as possible surrounded by the majesty of this scenery, whilst dinner comes served at your accommodation.

Main Destination: Amboseli National Park
Meal: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Day 13: Amboseli National Park – Nairobi

An early morning game drive should give you chance to see the snow-capped peak of Mount Kilimanjaro before the clouds roll in for the day. You can also experience the dawn call of the savanna and watch the character of the plains change as the sun rises. After you morning expedition, you’ll return to your camp or lodge for breakfast.

Your swansong to your Kenyan and Tanzanian safari will be your journey through the countryside of Kenya as your make your way back to Nairobi. You will be offered a hotel, residence, or airport drop off within the city, at your convenience.

The final day of your African safari includes:

No accommodation, this is the last day
Breakfast only
Drinking water, other drinks are extra

This Safari in Kenya and Tanzania package can be availed all-year round.

Main Destination: Nairobi
Meal: Breakfast & Lunch

Itinerary Map


  • All transfers
  • All accommodation during the tour
  • All meals and drinking water during the tour
  • Flying Doctors medical, emergency and rescue cover
  • All game drives as noted in the itinerary
  • Transport in a private 4 x 4 Safari Land Cruiser
  • English-speaking tour guide/driver
  • All applicable government taxes, levies and park entrance fees
  • Personalized private service


  • International flights and taxes
  • Passports and visa applications and processing
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips and gratuities for drivers/guides
  • Personal laundry
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Entrance fee for activities noted as optional

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Matthew R.
Matthew R.
Amazing Experience for Inexperienced Climbers **I actually went on this tour in early March 2020 but forgot to write the review because the world fell apart when we came off the mountain! And TripAdvisor only lets you post trip reviews with dates within the past year. I was reminded of the trip in March 2021 because of the one-year anniversary of my summit, and I needed to give this company the amazing props they deserve!** I would highly recommend this tour company to anyone! Me (22M at the time) and my friend (21M at the time) had always wanted to climb this mountain but had no climbing experience and lived close to sea level. My friend reached out to Emmanuel and he set us up with the 8 day Lemosho route. The whole process was easy, and he gave us plenty of tips on what to pack! The customer service was great the whole trip from Emmanuel, and the quick responses to our questions prior to the trip made the trip prep easy. I was picked up immediately by a very friendly man named Joseph despite my flight landing two hours late. We drove about 45 minutes to the hotel, where I met up with my friend who had arrived earlier in the day. The next morning, my friend and I had breakfast at the hotel and met the third member of our group, a German (30M) who we quickly befriended and shared stories with during the climb. We then drove to the TJT office and met Emmanuel and the whole gang. Our head guide, Ringo (Like Ringo Starr as he would say!), checked all our gear and made sure we were good to go. After a couple hours drive, we arrived at Londorosi Gate, the start of our Lemosho route. The route we took went as follows: Day 1: Londorosi Gate to Mt Mkubwa. 2250m to 2650m (400m elevation gain) and about 2-3 hours of climbing. Day 2: Mt. Mkubwa to Shira 1. 2650m to 3610m (960m elevation gain) and about 4-5 hours of climbing Day 3: Shira 1 to Cathedral Point to Shira 2: 3610m to 3895m to 3850m (285m elevation gain) and about 5-6 hours of climbing Day 4: Shira 2 to Lava Tower to Barranco: 3850m to 4600m to 3950m (750m elevation gain) and about 6-7 hours of climbing Day 5: Barranco to Karanga: 3950m to 3995m (45m elevation gain) and about 3-4 hours of climbing Day 6: Karanga to Barafu Hut: 3995m to 4673m (678m elevation gain) and about 2-3 hours of climbing Day 7: Barafu Hut to Uhuru Peak: 4673m to 5895m (1222m elevation gain) and about 6-7 hours of climbing. Followed by a descent all the way to Mweka Hut after a brief rest at Barafu Hut (about 6-7 hours of descending) Day 8: Mweka Hut to the park gate (about 3-4 hours of descending) We took it slow given our group's limited climbing experience and need to acclimate. All three of us got altitude sickness the night we made it to Barranco Camp, but after a couple hours we felt much better. Summit night was very difficult for all of us but was extremely rewarding when we made it to the top. The views were indescribable and we could even see Kenya! The ease of our trip wouldn't have been possible without Ringo, his assistant guide Modi, and all the porters who were patient with us as we snailed up the mountain. They told great stories, had great attitudes, and pushed us when we needed the extra motivation on the harder days. It was one of the best weeks of my life and was a great way to bond with my friend and make new friends along the way!
Kembang Bakung
Kembang Bakung
Recommended!!! Me and my husband climbed Kilimanjaro at 2019 using Tanzania Joy tour. I was sick couldnt reached the top. But my husband made it perfectly. Second time, in 2021 I didn't want to take a risk about looking for another tour agent. I just trust Tanzania Joy. So I decided to back to Emmanuel (Tanzania Joy) and consulting about the trip. He is responsible. He gave me perfect team (guide, porters, cook, etc). I have Asthma, bronchitist and alergic of cold. Few weeks before climb, I got injury on my knee. Emmanuel ensure me that he will give me the best guide so I can reach the top this time. He will provide the guide all the things that I need for safety. (Notes: I bring my own personal medicine) And he is right! If not because of the guide (Mr. Ringo) and his assistant ( Kaka Rama) I am sure I already gave up that time and couldnt reach the Uhuru peak. Mr. Ringo is really really smart and supportive to customer. His team is perfectly good. They are funny and solid. The food was great! Here I am! Very satisfied and happy!
Sommet du Kilimandjaro atteint ! Merci à Tanzania Joy Tours qui nous a accompagné jusqu'au sommet du Kilimandjaro avec le magnifique lever du soleil ! Emmanuel le gérant est très disponible pour tout programmer et nous conseiller ! De l'arrivée à l'aéroport à l'hôtel de fin d'ascension tout était parfaitement organisé. Son équipe est formidable, attentionnée, professionnelle. L'ascension fut très agréable, ainsi que chacune des personnes de l'équipe ! Un grand merci et une grande admiration pour leur travail à nos côtés : Living, Johnny, Robert, David et Hussen ! La cuisine parfaite, copieuse et variée ! Un grand merci à Adam le cuisinier, et à son assistant Izackiiii ! 😁 Les guides Regan et Kelvin sont aux petits soins, une amitié s'installe rapidement. Ils sont motivants, connaissent parfaitement bien cet environnement et sont très professionnels quand les difficultés liées à l'altitude se font ressentir ! Asante sana ! Pauline & Lucas
Top Wir hatten eine super Zeit im Rahmen unserer Kilimanjaro Tour mit dem Dream-Team von Tanzania Joy Tours. Unsere Guides Patrick und Praygod haben einen super Rhythmus beim gehen und sie haben sich bestens um uns gesorgt. Das gesamte Team hat sich hervorragend um uns gekümmert - besser geht es nicht! Alle haben mit uns mitgefiebert :) Das Essen von unserem Koch Jeremia (Mr. delicious) war ausgezeichnet, abwechslungsreich und mehr als ausreichend. Respekt den Porters gegenüber, welche das schwere Gepäck und Equipment tragen. Ein riesengroßes danke an das gesamte Team!
Fabio B
Fabio B
Amazing experience in a private Kilimanjaro!!! Amazing experience!!! When i was looking for a company to arrange the trip Emmanuel from Joy Tour got back to us in seconds and was very reactive at any question we had. On arrival, we were picked up at the airport and took to the hotel where we meet straightaway our tour guide, Kelvin and Joseph. The trip was a dream coming true and this couldn’t be better with Kelvin and his team, that look after us like king!! Also because of Covid the mountain was completely empty. This is of course not good for business but for us was a unique scenario. We also were impressed by the food; the quality was definitely above our expectations considering that we were camping, but having a personal chef and waiter at 4000m plus after a long hike is just amazing. Big thank you to the porters team Thomas, Sebastian, David, Living, Iddi, Jacob, Frans. Waiter Izack Chef Adam And of course the head guide Kelvin and his assistant Joseph that without them we would never manage to get to the top. Will definitely recommend !!
EXCEPTIONNEL Bonjour, Je tenais absolument à partager mon expérience avec Tanzania Joy tours. J’ai contacté cette compagnie en janvier via leur site web en janvier 2020 et nous avons construit ensemble le parcours de notre Safari. Mon expérience a été parfaite du premier contact au dernier jour de notre Safari. Emmanuel, le responsable de la société a su se rendre disponible à tout moment. Tout est clair du début à la fin : le contrat, le paiement de l'acompte et le déroulé du safari. Nous avons bénéficié d'une prise en charge exceptionnelle à notre arrivée sachant que compte tenu de la situation actuelle, notre vol a été annulé 24 heures avant le départ. Emmanuel a su réorganiser les choses pour que notre expérience soit optimale, c'est d'ailleurs leur objectif, faire en sorte que nous ayons un souvenir mémorable. L'équipe qui nous a accompagné a tout mis en œuvre pour que nous soyons ravis en faisant le maximum pour que l'on puisse voir le plus d'animaux possible et bien sûr ceux du D5 : objectif atteint ! Notre safari a été contrarié par la situation politique liée aux élections présidentielles et qui a eu pour conséquence l'annulation d'un vol interne (Kilimanjaro - zanzibar). Idem, Emmanuel nous a apporté toute son aide et nous a trouvé une solution afin que nous puissions arriver à Zanzibar comme prévu. J'ajoute enfin qu'Emmanuel (Via Whatsapp) est toujours disponible quel que soit la question, sur les éléments à emporter par exemple, sur le déroulé du safari... J'ai été enchanté de faire ce safari avec cette société qui mérite d'être reconnue pour son professionnalisme. Un grand merci à notre équipe : Sebastien, Denis, Praygod et particulièrement à ELLY notre chauffeur / guide / responsable du safari qui s'est démené pour que l'on vive une expérience unique ! N’hésitez pas une seule seconde à les solliciter !
Amazing company for Kilimanjaro and safaris This is an amazing company! We did the Kilimanjaro climb (through the Rongai route) and then a 5-day safari with them. From the moment we arrived at the airport, everything was organized flawlessly. - The Kilimanjaro team was great ; our guide Patrick helped us reach the top, and was very reassuring. The 15 porters were amazing, and the cook made us delicious and copious meals. The camps were perfectly set up. - The safari was breathtaking ; our guide Elly is a real gem, he is extremely passionate about wildlife, and has a lot of training and experience. He took us to the best places of the national parks and taught us about animals ; he is also super nice! About Covid : there is NO COVID in Tanzania! You should definitely go for a visit, it is very safe. Tanzania joy tours is really a great choice!
Yuliia S
Yuliia S
5-Day Marangu route and 5-Day Safari We planned our trip to Tansania shortly after COVID-19 measures in Germany were partially lifted and selected Tanzania Joy Tours. Emmanuel was very helpful, answered all questions promptly and prepared individual program based on our wishes and needs. We've pre-paid this tour only one week before the actual travel, nevertheless, everything was organised on a top level. A driver picked us at the airport and brought to Weru Weru lodge. In the morning a guide and a team have already been waiting for us and together we started our journey to Kilimanjaro. Team was amazing and very helpful. We received delicious meals, water (even in alpine desert area) and our guide Ringo and his assistant, Mudi, were very attentive and cared about us a lot. Even though summiting was very tough, thanks to Ringo's and Mudi' support, we made it to the Uhuru peak. After celebrating our success, we were brought back to Weru Weru lodge and proceeded to Serengeti early next morning. Safari was outstanding and our guide, Chris, and cook, Viktor, were very helpful and made our stay as awesome as possible. Chris is very knowledgeable and told us many interesting facts about wild animals. We've enjoyed plenty of game drives, watched two huntings, saw the great migration and visited the best parks in Tanzania: Serengeti and Ngorongoro. I would like to thank Tanzania Joy a lot for outstanding trip which put this beautiful country to the top list among all destinations we've visited (38 and 55 countries).
6-day Machame route & 5-day Safari After our initial trip to Georgia was cancelled due to covid 19, we contacted Emmanuel only 4 days before the start of our holidays. In no time, he draw a program for us and booked everything while he did not even received our money yet due to the fact that we booked only 2 days before we left. When we arrived at Kilimajaro airport, our driver was already here and greeted us with lots of smiles and « karibu » (meaning welcome). We started with the Kilimanjaro hike (Machame route). Patrick, Leonard (the guides), Jeremiah (the cook) and all their team (additionnaly 2 waiters and 6 porters) made a wonderful job taking care of us all the way to the top. We hiked in other countries before and never experienced such service : large tents where you can stand (also fits a table and chairs to eat!), comfortable mats (no need to bring yours), hot water for you to wash morning and evening if you like, tasty food (which they will adapt to your taste if you ask) and encouraging and smiling team all the way. Even if i did not try the last ascent to the top (i did not feel well), my boyfriend successfully did. The cherry on the cake was of course the fact that we were only 6 pax to climb the Machame route on that week due to covid 19. We had sun all the way and the moutain for us! Overall, a great experience. For your reference, we tipped the team 15% of the total cost of the hike. After a rest day in Moshi (Altezza Lodge which we fully recommend), we went for a 5 day safari covering Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti. Praygod was our tour guide for safari : he is a very knowledgeable, kind and elegant man. He took special interest in showing us the big 5. He chased the cheetah and leopard for hours for us to see and never counted work hours. Even if we did not catch the rhino in Ngorongoro, we had the chance to see one of the few (around 30!) rhinos of the Serengeti National Park. Car was perfect and lunch boxes always tasty. In Serengeti we stayed in Heritage Luxury Tented Camp (very nice) and near Tarangire & Ngorongoro we stayed in Karatu at Eileen’s Tree Inn (do not recommend) and Kudu Lodge (way better, 2 minutes away from Eileen’s Tree Inn). For your reference, tipping is around 20usd a day for your guide. All in all, the experience we had with TJT was wonderful, don’t hesitate to book with them and to send them your money, they are 100% reliable and act as they say. Again thank you Emmanuel for your responsiveness, reliability and flexibility! We wish you and your team all the best and lots of clients to come!
Peter F
Peter F
Lemosho Route Overall the trip was 5 star from start to finish. Everything ran smoothly, the food was great and the portions were huge. We booked the 7 day Lemosho route, however given myself and my friend were doing so well, our guide Ringo recommended we attempt the summit earlier therefore completing the trek in 6 days. We really appreciated the personalised touch. Emmanuel was very responsive and arranged an extra night at the hotel. The porters were also brilliant. I would highly recommend booking with TJT.

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